Human Rights and Democracy Media Centers SHAMS

مركز إعلام حقوق الإنسان والديمقراطية "شمس"

Ramallah: The Center for Human Rights and Democracy Media “Shams” issued its monthly observatory report, for the month of September 2021 on demolitions, confiscations, seizures and notices (usually eviction or demolition notices), carried out by the Israeli occupation, against Palestinian facilities, whether religious, tourist, industrial, commercial, educational, official or agricultural, the report focuses on residential facilities. “Shams” Center periodically issues monthly, semi-annual and annual specialized monitor reports, on many violations including this type.

The monitoring report was based on a methodology based on field monitoring by the “Shams” Center staff and researchers, who monitored, and recorded the Israeli violations against Palestinian facilities in all the governorates of West-Bank, during the period of (9/1/2021 To 9/30/2021).  Statistics and data were obtained, later analyzed and disassembled and represented in the form of tables, complying with the corresponding qualitative and quantitative indicators.

During September 2021, Israeli occupation has targeted (12) facilities owned by Palestinian citizens with demolitions, of those facilities (6) were self-demolished by their owners, being forced to do that by the Israeli authorities, that if they do not do that, they would face hefty fines, either by direct demolitions, or by self-forced demolitions, due to fines, or jail threats. The first indicator has focused on categorizing targeted facilities based on its type (usage). Which this month included: (9) houses, (2) residential rooms, (1) water collection wells. The second indicator focused on regional categorization of the demolished facilities, major demolitions took place in Jerusalem governorate (6) facilities, followed by Nablus governate with (4) facilities. The third indicator has focused on the targeted residents, since these violations happen in inhabited areas, which affects the locals living in such areas. Israeli occupations justifies these violations by arguing, that these facilities were built on (C ) areas, without issuing a building permit. However, all the (12) facilities were subjected to demolition based on the same excuse.

The last indicator has reviewed the self-demolition, as it mainly aims towards suppressing Palestinians to push them to execute demolitions by themselves, threatened by big fines, and jail time, in September, the number of facilities which their owners were forced to self-demolish was (6) out of (12) in total, all of which are located in the Jerusalem governorate , consisting of (2) residential rooms, (2) houses in Silwan, (2) residential rooms in Jabal al Mukabir, (1) house in Sour Baher, and (1) house in Beit Hanina, all of which were demolished based on claims of building with no permits.

The Israeli occupation authorities had forced the Citizen of Jerusalem, Ayman Abu Wahdan, to Self-Demolish his home of 50 square meter, being notified beforehand, Ayman has demolished his home avoiding big fines if the demolition was carried out by the Israeli occupation forces, in addition to that, Abd Dwaik, a resident of Silwan, has as well demolished his own home to the south of the old city of Jerusalem, based on a court judgment. Fayez Izheman as well has self-demolished parts of his home, located in Beit Hanina, the north of Jerusalem, based on ruling of the occupation municipality of Jerusalem. Mohammad Odeh Ibediah, from Jabal Al Mukabir, was also forced to demolish two rooms of his house, being notified beforehand, Mohammad mentioned that the (2) rooms demolished were a salon, and a bedroom for his daughter of 4 years old. Citizen of Kamel Abu Sarhan of Sour Baher, was as well forced to self-demolish his house in the same way, and for the same reasons mentioned previously.