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مركز إعلام حقوق الإنسان والديمقراطية "شمس"

SHAMS” center strongly condemns the Death sentences issued by the military and civil courts of Gaza, constituting legal and human rights violations, the last death sentence was issued by the first instance court of Gaza today  21st Oct 2021, the court has issued (2) death sentences by execution against civilians (H.S) and (M.S) whom was charged with premeditated murder, violating the Palestinian law articles, which comes only one day after the military court in the military judiciary commission of Gaza, issued a death sentence in Oct 20th 2021, against (M.W), 57 years, charged with espionage for a foreign enemy, violating the article (131) of the revolutionary penal code, which violates the right of a civilian to be trialed in a civil court, these sentences are issued by Gazan courts with no consideration of civil rights, the number of death sentences that had been issued this month has reached (10), (80) of which are new sentences, and (2) are rulings in favor of past death sentences. 

SHAMS” center stresses that these systematic sentences are considered full negligence of the judiciary system of “HAMAS” in Gaza, and a violation for human rights, as well as national and constitutional legislations. These sentences have been proven ineffective in fighting crime or other related charges, in the Gaza strip, which suffers of significant violations of human rights due to this policy and practice, since the judiciary system is systematically practicing trials and persecutions based on vengeance, lobbied by the public, and promoting the culture of retaliation instead of establishing justice. 

SHAMS” center, urges his partners, as well as the Palestinian civil society, to consider the on-going violations of human rights, practiced by the judiciary system in Gaza, and to combat these violations, moreover, the center calls on a wide discussion about the tools that could be used to tackle the accelerating pace of death sentence issuance in the Gazan courts, as well as the needed resolutions and policies to be implemented in the pursuit of fully abolishing the death sentence in Palestine, since statements and data representations are no longer effective in combating this problem.