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مركز إعلام حقوق الإنسان والديمقراطية "شمس"

“SHAMS” Center Condemns The on-going impoverishment systematically practiced against Palestinian people by the Israeli Occupation, whether by deductions from tax returns, in the pretexts of debts to the Israeli Electricity Company, or the excuse that of PA paying salaries for the families of prisoners, and martyrs. Another systematic abuse practiced against the Palestinians is the full control of resources and commonwealth, and establishment of colonial-economic policies that ensure the dependency of the Palestinian economy on the Israeli economy, hence, keeping Palestinian people poor, not allowing them to have an independent economy. Moreover, the Israeli Occupation benefits from these policies economically, by keeping Gaza and the West-bank as an open market for the Israeli products, as well as, keeping them a source of cheap labor. “SHAMS” center stresses on the fact that the Israeli Colonial Policies, and their implications of displacement of indigenous people, military occupation, and settlements build over Palestinian land as well as depriving the Palestinian people from establishing their independent state or controlling their resources, are the main reason of the rising rates of poverty In the Palestinian occupied lands.

“SHAMS” center, observes with great concern, the failure of the Palestinian authorities in the West-Bank and Gaza strip in tackling poverty, as well as marginalizing the cause on Political, legislative, and practical levels. As fair distribution for resources and commonwealth is still absent in the Palestinian context, and the pay gap is widening between private and public sectors, reaching an unprecedented level, moreover, unemployment is on the rise, where it hits 25.3% in 2019, and doubled after the spread of COVID-19, The low income of the Palestinian families, as well as the inflation, increasing living costs in an environment that does not support transparency or integrity, adding to that the unfair distribution of health services, as well as lacking the responsive development of education, all of which increased the poverty levels dramatically.

Thecenter stresses that the Israeli Occupation of the Gaza strip is the main reason of the impoverishment and the inhumane conditions there, which was a crucial factor in increasing the poverty rates and employment that hit records highs in 2019, reaching 75%, causing food insecurity to 70% of Gaza population and placing 33.8% of the population under the absolute poverty threshold.

“SHAMS” center emphasizes that poverty is a critically-dangerous violation of Human rights, specifically the right to live in dignity and independence, as it reflects on many other rights including, the right to shelter, the right to education, right to access proper health care, right to movement, and other rights. Which negatively affects the civil peace and cohesion, rising the crime rates fueled with feelings of injustice, marginalization, and deprivation.

Thecenter demands the PA to establish a strategic general plan, that is measurable with a specific timeline, implementing the vision of a free, independent, and active Palestinian economy, responsive to all the challenges in the Palestinian context, and free of all external pressures and interventions, that guarantees  decent and sustainable working opportunities, as well as raises the minimum wage rates, adapting with the poverty threshold, moreover, increasing aids to poor families, and enhancing the chances of the poor accessing quality education, as well as encouraging small projects and enterprises, fighting corruption, providing health services and health insurances, and developing the infrastructure to meet the future visions especially in the marginalized areas.