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مركز إعلام حقوق الإنسان والديمقراطية "شمس"

Courts in the Gaza Strip resume their violations of the right to life, the Palestinian Basic Law (interim constitution), and the State of Palestine’s obligations as per the International Covenant on Political and Civil rights and the Optional Second Protocol attached to it, which calls for the abolition of the death penalty.

 The latest of these violations is the Gaza Strip’s Court of Cassation’s decision on Tuesday, 6/7/2021 to uphold a death penalty issued by the Court of Appeal against the citizen (H.SH) for premeditated murder in contravention of the provisions of the law, hence making the ruling final in accordance with established procedure in Palestine.

It ought to be made clear that “SHAMS” Center monitors with grave seriousness the death penalties issued and/or implemented in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and the ongoing legitimization within Palestinian legislations of the death penalty in (77) offenses, in a complete unalignment with the international agreements and conventions. This legitimization receives massive welcoming voices in local clan and vendetta-endorsing cultures.

SHAMS” Center condemns the issuance of this ruling and calls on the courts in the Gaza Strip to completely respect the right to life and immediately stop the systematic violation of constitutional guarantees. The center also emphasizes the importance of continuing the positive step, which was initiated in the accession to the Optional Protocol that aims to abolish the death penalty, by aligning all national legislations with it and with the rest of the international agreements and conventions to which Palestine has acceded.

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