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مركز إعلام حقوق الإنسان والديمقراطية "شمس"

” Center received with concern a statement delivered by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior in the Gaza Strip on the death of 41-year-old detainee (SH. N), who had been detained by the Gaza Strip’s police since 9/3/2020. According to the official statement, he was admitted into the Shuhada Al-Aqsa Hospital in Central Gaza after suffering a severe heart attack that subsequently led to his death.  

Taking into consideration the detainee’s family’s testimonies about alleged torture and mistreatment that he had been subjected to, “SHAMS” Center emphasizes that the prison administration is completely responsible for the provision of health and medical treatment to all detainees and not only guarantee that they are not subjected to mistreatment according to the Correction and Rehabilitation Centers (‘Prisons’) Law No. (6) of 1998, other legislations in effect, and the legal obligations of the State of Palestine.  

This incident necessitates the formulation of an independent, neutral, and integrous investigation committee comprised of members whose experience in the field is well-attested. The committee must look into the circumstances of the detainee’s death and publish their conclusions to the public in alignment with their right to access information. In addition, the de facto authority in the Gaza Strip must hold all involved parties and individuals accountable, ensure that deaths of detainees never occur again, and undertake all needed measures and procedures to protect the health and safety of all detainees.