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مركز إعلام حقوق الإنسان والديمقراطية "شمس"

“SHAMS” Center states that tolerance is a kind of true manifestation of the concept of rights. It equates the democratic concept with its social dimensions because social democracy and tolerance are two concepts that include human values ​​and rights that seek to liberate people from all forms of slavery, oppression and bullying. The notion of the right, which cannot be tolerated, is an end and a value in itself, it is the dignity associated with freedom, and the right to life. Do not tolerate occupation and tyranny.

On the International Day for Tolerance, the “SHAMS” Center stresses the necessity of converting the positive indicators issued by the political level regarding holding general elections into action, and moving forward with renewing the legitimacy of the constitutional institutions, especially the Palestinian Legislative Council, which will be positively reflected in societal reconciliation if it is made within an integrated set of decisions that are supposed to lead to a sound transitional justice. The Center also affirms that the election of the Palestinian Parliament and the reconvening of the original constitutional and legislative competence holder would lead to the reform and renewal of the Palestinian legislative system, specifically with regard to civil peace and community cohesion, by issuing a modern Palestinian penal code applicable in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and a law to protect Family violence, and the promotion of mediation and alternative official means to resolve disputes in the legislation, in the face of the continuing deterioration of civil peace and the high crime rate.

“SHAMS” Center recommends the necessity of establishing a national institution for transitional justice that enjoys an independent moral personality, so that it works to: uncover the violations that took place during the previous years, put in place accountability mechanisms that prevent impunity, and work on family reconciliations to achieve civil peace, and compensate the victims financially and morally, and rehabilitate them, treat them, and integrate them into society, and unify public institutions.

And to expedite the holding of transparent and fair general elections within the best international standards for electoral processes, and to stress that all parties must comply with their results, in order to secure a smooth transition of power. And the possibly elected parliament reforming the system of legislation, particularly related to civil peace and community cohesion, by issuing a Palestinian penal code, a law to protect the family from violence, and a mediation legislation.