Human Rights and Democracy Media Centers SHAMS

مركز إعلام حقوق الإنسان والديمقراطية "شمس"

Statement for immediate release 

Issued by Human Rights and Democracy Media Center “SHAMS” 

“SHAMS” Center denounces the issuance of tow new death sentence against citizens. 

“SHAMS” Center received with great anger the issuance of the Court of First Instance of Dear AL_Balah tow death sentence by hanging on the citizen (A.A.) and the citizen (M.A.) on the background of a murder case on Wednesday 11/11/2020, bringing the number of death sentences since the beginning of this month to five . This would be the third sentence issued by the same court within three days. With reference to the possibility of a high frequency of verdicts in the coming days. 

“SHAMS” Center stresses once again its deep concern about the public prosecution’s statements that accompany the issuance of death sentences, that it is extremely interested in following up on “public opinion” cases. Here, we can sense the smell of possible vengeful measures in response to tribal desires and submission to family pressure, from a fundamental part of the justice sector (the Public Prosecution).  

This proves once again that the justice system in the Gaza Strip is biased towards revenge tendencies and is very fragile in the face of tribal pressure, as the clans had previously held meetings with high-ranking official figures affiliated with the “Hamas” movement, including a meeting with the Attorney General in the Gaza Strip, Counselor Dia al-Din Al-Madhoun, who informed the “clans leaders” of the statistics of final death sentences, in preparation for the commencement of their implementation! This was translated by the Public Prosecution office and the rest of the justice sector through what is known as “cases marked by the red tape” that should be completed quickly, the policy that resulted in a massive increase in death sentences, which puts a lot of questioning and doubt about the extent to which guarantees of fair trials are observed and respected by the parties who are supposed to implement them. 

Drawing on the foregoing, “SHAMS” Center stresses the need to immediately halt the use of the death penalty by the parties of the justice sector in the Gaza Strip, out of respect for human rights, Palestine’s international obligations, the temporary Basic Law and the judicial unity, as the continuation of crimes in the Gaza Strip is evidence that This punishment is not a deterrent, and that the solution must begin to preventively treat the causes of the crime before it occurs, by providing decent living and social justice for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, 

“SHAMS” Center also stresses the urgent need to redouble international, civil, local and international efforts to confront and combat the death penalty, in a manner that protects the right to life for all individuals.