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مركز إعلام حقوق الإنسان والديمقراطية "شمس"

“SHAMS” Center follows with deep concern, the accelerating murders in the occupied Palestinian territories, most recently the murder of  the citizen (F.A) (42) years old who shot in Jenin camp, Monday 1/6/2020, the day before on Sunday 5/31/2020, two brothers and a seriously injured third person during a fight that occurred in the town of Hawara in Nablus governorate, which was followed by revenge acts represented in the burning of cars and stores, and the murder of the girl (M.G) (21) years old from Al-Zawaidah village in the Gaza Strip on 5/28/2020 after she was subjected to brutal torture, severe beatings and suffocation by her father, following a family dispute.

“SHAMS” Center stresses that the continuation of horrible killing and family quarrels is an expected result of the collapse of community safety, the absence of an integrated national strategy, and disregarding warnings and recommendations of civil society organizations on the one hand, and a bitter harvest of the violent patriarchal cultural structures that suppress, oppress, and discriminate against Palestinian women on the other.

“SHAMS” Center warns of the accelerating breakdown of community safety following a large number of serious crimes committed within few days, due to the perpetuation of a culture of violence, weapons, insecurity, weak deterrent legislative frameworks, the absence of a clear integrated political and security strategy, the severe economic consequences of the Coronavirus crisis, and the rising levels of gender-based violence amounting to very high levels in various governorates, with Gaza Governorate on the top.

SHAMS” Center underlines that the maintenance of community safety and crime prevention is the responsibility of the Palestinian government and its executive services, particularly the Palestinian security establishment, and that complacency in establishing security and the rule of law, and not controlling the proliferation of weapons in the various occupied Palestinian territories, raises many questions and more unanswered questions. One of the government’s duties is to provide security for citizens and to protect them from any dangers. But if the government stands idly by in the face of the bloodshed in the Palestinian territories, this indicates that the government and its executive services are powerless, and do not have the plans, programs, and strategies to achieve this. And if the government is good at counting the number of victims in numbers, this means that we are facing a dilemma and a problem, because this social and family insecurity, cold-blooded killing, and targeting of innocent people require making decisive government decisions, and we are waiting to implement it on the ground.

SHAMS” Center cautions against the difficult times and complex circumstances faced by the Palestinian people represented in the deterioration of all aspects of community safety, in terms of social insecurity, misuse of weapons, the proliferation of arms & drugs trading, and Hooliganism that threatens community safety and social cohesion, and the explosion of various conflicts that jeopardize the Palestinian community and impede its stability and development. In addition to its implications for political, cultural, social, and economic life, and the most serious reflection is on daily life and social relations, which has generated a lot of internal congestion, and the explosion of family disputes.