Human Rights and Democracy Media Centers SHAMS

مركز إعلام حقوق الإنسان والديمقراطية "شمس"


Ramallah: the Human Rights and Democracy Media Center “SHAMS” requested that a UN commission of inquiry should be set up to investigate the martyrdom of the detainee Sami Abu Dyak in occupation prisons, aiming to stop the medical neglect policy which threatens the life of hundreds of detainees, and to release them, especially since the sick detainees in the prisons of occupation face a life-threatening deliberate medical neglect. “SHAMS” center underscored the need for complete actions to be taken by all parties regarding this crime. The center also called upon the UN Secretary-General, all bodies and committees of the international organization to make decisions that oblige the occupying state to end this deliberate medical neglect policy, and hold it accountable of these crimes. The center reminded the international organization that its silence represents an indicator of acceptance of such measures, thus enabling the occupation to keep doing it. The center called up nations and states to take immediate actions towards putting an end to such ongoing crimes, saving the lives of hundreds of sick detainees in the occupation’s prisons from experiencing the same situation and fate.

SHAMS” center condemned in the strongest terms the crime committed by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian detainee Sami Abu Dyak (37) years old, in “Al Ramla prison’s clinic”, which lacks the minimum essentials of human life or medical equipment. After bringing him back to it it from “Assaf Harofeh” hospital and failure to provide the necessary medical treatment to him, and this caused his death. This crime reflects the ongoing disregard for the lives of detainees in the occupation’s prisons and for the right to life, also indicates the occupation’s disregard for the international and humanitarian laws & customs amid international silence supporting its practices.

SHAMS” center considers not providing the necessary treatment for the detainee in spite of the passing of two week of deteriorating health conditions of the detainee as extremely serious, despite appeals from relevant organizations and appeals from the sick detainees themselves and their families which rise to the level of intentional killing by the occupation’s authorities.