Human Rights and Democracy Media Centers SHAMS

مركز إعلام حقوق الإنسان والديمقراطية "شمس"


                                      A statement for immediate release

Issued by Human Rights and Democracy Media Center “SHAMS”

On the occasion of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Universal Day for Human Rights Defenders

Occupation: is a violation of human rights

 “SHAMS” Center strongly underlines the importance to remind the free world’s conscience on the need to apply what has been called for within Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which represents a humanitarian achievement and a turning point in the course of international solidarity. Yet, the Palestinian people are living under occupation, whereas Israel has fully engaged in its aggression and denial to the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. Israel went beyond; it hasn’t only disregarded International Law, but also issued a package of laws, legislations and resolutions which target the Palestinians. Such laws & legislations are considered discriminatory with a view to stifling and restrict rights, benefits and individual & collective rights of the Palestinians. The most prejudiced law is the “nationalistic law” which enshrines the Jewishness of the state and the settlements and states that “the right to self-determination in the State of Israel is limited to the Jews, and the migration that leads to direct citizenship is for the Jews only” and that Greater Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, “and that Jewish is the official language of the state, whereas Arabic is losing its status as an official language”. As per the law, “The State of Israel is defined as the national state of the Jewish people, in which they exercise their natural, cultural, religious and historical right to self-determination.” It puts emphasis that enjoying the right to self-determination in the State of Israel is exclusive to the Jewish people.

“SHAMS” Center strongly emphasizes that Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocation of the the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in the language of politics and law is worthless and will not result in any obligations. such gamble and adventure will not change the facts of history and geography, which affirms that Jerusalem is an occupied territory and that the American leadership’s decision contravenes the resolutions of international legitimacy, particularly the resolutions of the Security Council, the General Assembly of the United Nations and UNESCO, as well as the bilateral agreements signed between the PLO and Israel.

 “SHAMS” Center calls upon the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), in the midst of the commemoration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to undertake an assessment at the national level to measure the human rights situation in Palestine and to identify obstacles and challenges facing it. In addition to significantly review the laws effective in Palestine and align them with the relevant international conventions & treaties on the basis of the principles of the International Bill of Human Rights and to respect public and private rights and freedoms, main ones of which is the right to peaceful assembly as a constitutional and legal right arising from one of the most fundamental pillars of basic rights and liberties. Apparently, there are a range of other rights that are closely associated with the fact that the freedom of peaceful assembly is provided to ensure enjoying more rights. It represents a mirror of public rights and freedoms, and the right to peaceful assembly is a necessary requirement for civil political participation.

SHAMS”  center believes that work conditions for human rights defenders all over the world including Palestine and non-governmental organizations are marked by difficulty.  They are exposed to threats, violations, mobbing and public assault on their reputation and personal safety, in attempts to restrict and hinder their work and affect their credibility. Despite the fact that Human Rights Law has much developed in terms of the oversights’ mechanisms however, it hasn’t developed in regard to collaboration’s mechanisms since protecting human rights in an international responsibility in the first place.